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The world of
WellTech solutions

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Discover the WellTech Ecosystem

Explore our WellTech ecosystem, where deep insights into human behavior merge with cutting-edge technology to cultivate a workspace where both individuals and organizations flourish. With technology such as AI, gamification, nudging, and microlearning, Insights and Solutions are crafted to deliver tailored mapping, knowledge building, and active actions, all engineered to optimize conditions for success.
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  • Data-driven insights for future success
    Your measurement results are more than just numbers, they serve as the starting point for shaping successful interventions, actions, and goals that pave the way towards a future of continuous growth and development.
  • Innovative knowledge networks for evolution
    Innovation and development are fostered by building efficient knowledge networks that share information and inspire new ideas and solutions, driving future change.
  • Powerful actions for immediate results
    Our active interventions are more than just words, they are powerful tools that directly impact and improve results at both the individual and organizational levels, creating a positive spiral of success and growth.

Empowering Organizational Growth

Through Harnessing Data, Personalization and Behavioral Tools.
With the power of data mining, strengths and areas for improvement are mapped at both the individual and organizational levels. By identifying patterns, trends, and correlations, the organization can refine processes, maximize employee skills, and make well-informed decisions based on facts. A key component for development and success.  
Small, quick and interactive training modules are crucial for streamlining and accelerating the learning process. Personalized programs help each employee reach their full potential. When we feel good, we perform better, creating a positive cycle where both individuals and organizations benefit from increased competence and motivation.
A powerful tool for establishing structure and guidelines that steer the organization's behavior in the desired direction. Through digital tools, reminders, and positive incentives, desired behavior change is promoted. Nudging tools are therefore a powerful and valuable asset for organizational change.

Empowering Growth and Success

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“Embracing the evolution of technology unlocks endless opportunities for growth and transformation.”

-  Karin Capó Milding,
CEO dear change AB

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Nyhetsbank för framtidens företag

I vår nyhetsbank samlar vi spännande forskning, intressanta artiklar och inspirerande företag med utgångspunkt från ett hållbart företagande.

"Motivation och kreativitet skapar de stora framgångarna"

Michael Wolde

"Hög stresskompetens är grunden för ett hållbart välmående."

Lilli Sjölund
Konceptansvarig STRESS SMART

"Vi kommer inte sitta och vänta medan människor går sönder."

Josefine Sandahl

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