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“Our ambition is that it should be easy to take the right action”

Our trailblazing approach offers unique avenues for both individual and organizational growth, reshaping the landscape of success.
Experience the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and human-centric design, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in every aspect of life and work.
At the forefront of discovery, we pioneer groundbreaking solutions informed by the latest research, driving excellence and transformation across every dimension of existence.
How it works


The measurements serve as the starting point, providing strategies and actions forward. However, it's crucial to recognize that they are just the beginning of the journey towards continuous improvement. Utilizing the data obtained from measurements, the system can identify areas of strength, pinpoint areas for growth, and adapt approaches accordingly.

Starting point
With the platform's qualitative questions, a reliable overall picture is quickly created
Josefine Sandahl, Founder dear change


The system conducts advanced analyses to uncover strengths and improvement areas, pivotal for strategic enhancement. Through meticulous evaluations, it unveils new horizons and challenges, igniting a cycle of continuous innovation and exponential growth.

Genom konkreta råd blir det lätt att göra rätt.
Josefin Sandahl, VD & Grundare

Action dashboards

Originating from diverse starting points, tailored actions unfold across individual and organizational realms, propelled by tangible initiatives. Leveraging a spectrum of tools, methodologies, and programs, outcomes are refined for perpetual enhancement and advancement towards set objectives.

Active actions
With concrete advice and actions, it feels easy to do the right thing.
Jonas Vikentorp, Manager Sigma Embedded Engineering

Nudging tools

Behaviors are shaped by innovative nudging tools, making it easy to do the right thing for both organizations and individuals. Through subtle yet effective nudges, these tools create structures that drive change and enable desired behaviors for positive progression and success.

Efter bara några minuter läsning såg vi flera tecken på att det gamla friskvårds konceptet inte lönar sig. Tack dear change!
Josefin Sandahl, VD & Grundare

Join the ranks of countless success stories

At dear change, we pride ourselves on delivering tangible results for our clients. From enhanced productivity to improved well-being, our comprehensive platform of solutions has empowered individuals and organizations alike to achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. Experience the transformative power of dear change and unlock your full potential today.

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