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Hello, we are dear change

With dear change ecosystem of WellTech solutions, we aim to create afuture where technology is not just a partner but an enhancer of people's lives. With our solutions, we are driving a revolution that not only changes how we work but also how we live and thrive.


Ensures overall active and appropriate initiatives around well-being at both individual and organizational level.


The solution is based on research and methods developed by experts to ensure the highest quality.


The platform enables strategic decisions based on facts and analyzes directly from the organization.


To create a sustainable and joyful future where everything is possible.

This permeates everything we do. Together with researchers and experts with many years of experience, we focus on developing long-term and sustainable solutions. Our concepts rest on human values ​​and humanity as it is our belief that this is how we create a working climate that brings out the full potential of the organization and the individual.
23 April, 2019
The company was founded
Launched dear change by Josefine Sandahl with the aim of developing solutions to create a sustainable working climate.
6 May, 2019
Premiere for the Youtube channel
With a focus on highlighting problems and solutions in what the working climate looks like today.
20 May, 2019
Lecture and panel discussion
In Folkets hus in Gothenburg on the theme How do we create a sustainable working climate.
18 June, 2019
Lecture and workshop
In Stockholm to illuminate and highlight how we together create sustainability in the working climate.
25 June, 2019
Workshop in Gothenburg with a focus on jointly developing solutions to create a sustainable and inclusive working life.
15 October, 2019
The first solution is launched
Workplace health of the future that strategically builds strong, well-being individuals and organizations.
1 Mars, 2020
Karin Capó Milding takes over as CEO
Karin Capó Milding steps in as our new CEO, an incredibly important step for our continued expansion.
1 Mars, 2022
Dear change reaches the global market
Dear change now enables companies around the world to work strategically with well-being.

“To change, we need to create new solutions”

-Josefine Sandahl, founder of dear change AB.

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